About the scarves and how they help Dance Kids

Five years ago, eight year old Skye Burttschell knew he had to help.  How could such a young child raise money for the beloved production he looked forward to performing in each year?  The nonprofit organization, Dance Kids of Monterey County, was in danger of closing due to lack of funding.  Dance Kids has produced an annual holiday favorite, The Nutcracker, in Carmel California, as well as other various outreach programs created to reach out to the disadvantaged kids in the community.  The possible closure was a direct result of the downturn of the economy in 2008.

As a budding entrepreneur and philanthropist, Skye approached his family with the fundraising idea of tie dyeing silk scarves and selling them in their family store, Paloma’s Home Furnishings in downtown Carmel.  With their full support, he has donated over $4,000 to Dance Kids over the last five years.

This year Dance Kids created a YouTube video to showcase Skye’s ability to awaken the power in young people and to show how they too can make a difference in the lives of their peer groups.  Dance Kids is now selling these one of a kind, handmade silk scarves to benefit the young people studying under the professional instructors of the nonprofit in dance, music and theatre.

Help Skye’s Scarf project by choosing a favorite color or two for you, your family and friends.  These scarves create the perfect holiday gift.  They are beautiful as well as a wearable message of philanthropy to the recipient!

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