Nutcracker Documents and Forms

Please download the forms you need to fill out and print them at home. Then, come to Dance Kids with the information filled out in advance.  Our parent crew can review them to insure there is no missing information.

About the Forms
The Nutcracker 2016 Parent Information document includes what parents need to know about Dance Kids, the audition process and code numbers the family will need to fill out the Registration Packet;  it is meant as a reference.

The Nutcracker 2016 Registration Packet document is 8 pages long.  However, we only need the first 7 pages of that document filled out. Page 8 is a list of volunteer positions which you can use to fill in the volunteer section on page 7.

The Adult Standard Release is the ONLY form that an adult performer will need to fill out.  The adult performers are those parents who are usually in the party scene and are performing as part of their volunteer requirement.  This form needs to be turned in to the Dance Kids box at the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts.   It gives permission for filming and advertising.

Nutcracker Adult Standard Release MPC Application for Admission